Detroit • Thursday • 10/5/2017

Speaker Presentation Submission

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Presentation Template

Potential Presentations

We have assembled various abstracts aimed at guiding you towards a presentation that will fit within the scope of our 2017 agenda. Feel free to choose from one of these, or create one of your own.

  1. Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) in NX
    Description/Abstract: This presentation will explain how our company has leveraged PMI in NX to streamline the exchange of data from Engineering through Manufacturing and Quality. I will show real world examples of how we have eliminated the reliance on 2D drawings and implemented optimized manufacturing and inspection processes. 
  2. Design Reuse and Design Change
    Description/Abstract: NX has made tremendous advancements in the area design reuse and design change. This session will demonstrate the tools and techniques to enable efficient design reuse and robust design change.
  3. Design and Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA & PFMEA) in Teamcenter
    Description/Abstract: Connecting FMEA processes and tools to designs and Teamcenter has allowed us to optimize the flow of information between functions. By connecting these systems together, including the development of Control Plans we have improved the overall quality of our products, reduced the number of returns from our customers, and successfully passed every audit since implementation. We will explain the processes that we have implemented and the decisions that were made when developing the systems.
  4. Requirements Management in Teamcenter 
    Description/Abstract: Managing our requirements in Teamcenter and allowing our Designers and Engineers to "tick" the box as they implement features has enabled a much more efficient product design cycle. By doing this we can ensure our customers' expectations are consistently met. An additional, unexpected, benefit was better collaboration between functions and less "finger pointing" due to misunderstood design direction. I will show how we have implemented this functionality and explain how our Engineering teams utilize it on a daily basis.

Q & A

  1. Why would I want to do a presentation?
    First, you’ll contribute to the mission of the group, which is to provide support to users of Siemens PLM products. It would be an excellent addition your professional credentials, demonstrating a level of achievement and expertise. Finally, there is no better way to know a topic than to teach it. 
  2. Do I have to be an expert?
    No. You should be in command of your particular topic, but you are only presented as a working user, just like the other attendees. You are not competing with anyone. 
  3. Do I have to have a unique topic?
    Just the opposite. Presentations that stick to one topic tend to be more useful and understandable. People appreciate seeing how to do basic things, step by step: things they can do the next day back in the office. That’s why the “for Dummies” books are so popular. 
  4. What do I need to do?
    Decide on a topic. Submit an abstract that gives us a general idea of what you’ll cover. You can download a PowerPoint template to use. Prepare and practice a presentation that will last the alotted time. Bring your presentation on a jump drive. 
  5. Are there any rules?
    No sales pitches are allowed—this is an educational and informational event. 


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User-to-User Networking
Meet and greet with other local users. Lunch and session breaks are a great time to network with peers and establish value connections.

Free Hands On Training
Siemens PLM Software will provide an assortment of training classes included in the registration cost for this RUG meeting. The free hands-on workshops will address topics appropriate for new, intermediate and advanced users.

User Presentations
See and hear how key customers are using Siemens PLM technologies.

Sponsor Booths
Learn how partner companies are working with Siemens PLM technologies.