Why Your Employees Should Attend Siemens PLM Connection


Your entire organization benefits when one or more employees attends Siemens PLM Connection. A small investment in these individuals results in huge returns.

Who Should Attend from our Organization?
PLM software isn’t one-size-fits-all – nor is our event programming. We recognize that people involved in different aspects of their organizations use these products and features in different ways. It’s common for companies to send day-to-day users as well as implementation leaders and strategic decision makers. Maximize your training budget by taking advantage of our group rates.


Increased Knowledge = Increased Productivity
Siemens PLM Connection is built around educational and training opportunities to help attendees understand and use products more efficiently:


  • General Sessions include overviews of product lines and previews of launches, updates, and developments.
  • Technical Tracks explore best practices, detailed usage tips, product evaluation.
  • Free hands-on training explores new developments, unfamiliar features, and product evaluation.
  • One-on-one opportunities with Siemens representatives can be scheduled in advance or on-site
  • Submit and research trouble tickets with representatives from Siemens PLM Software and GTAC


An attendee taking advantage of these opportunities can increase weekly personal productivity by up to 10%. Do the math:

 Cost Saving PLM Connect.jpg

Knowledge Sharing and Cross-Training

Attendees can implement techniques and best practices learned at Siemens PLM Connection in their daily routines, as well as offer valuable input on products and services they encountered. Additionally, they can connect coworkers with resources and contacts forged at the event.


Give Your Company a Voice
Every organization and employee brings their own experience to Siemens PLM Software. At Siemens PLM Connection, attendees help shape the future by making that voice heard. By networking with Siemens PLM developers, participating in Customer Enhancement and Enhancement Request sessions, and using on-site equipment set-ups to aid in infrastructure selection and optimization, your employees help enhance products and experiences.


Support Organizational and Industry Initiatives
PLM is advantageous in implementing and supporting corporate initiatives such as Lean and Six Sigma. Unique PLM applications exist that can impact COGS through integration with enterprise and sourcing MRO applications. Learn to leverage your existing PLM investment for the quick adoption of industry-wide initiatives like CMII, ISO, and STEP.


Maximize Your Training Budget

Attendance costs vary based on your organization’s proximity to the event location, registration rates, and travel expenses. Take advantage of early-bird registration rates and/or group registration rates to decrease costs and maximize impact.