Data-Driven Leadership Keynote with Mike Walsh
Tuesday Afternoon | All Connections

YouTube-icon-full_color60x40.png On the Road with Mike Walsh

Big Data, once just the domain of technology professionals, will soon be the number one issue for all business leaders. Tomorrow’s leaders will make better decisions, not from experience, charisma or intuition but through their ability to integrate real-time data into their thinking.

Based on first-hand research, analysis of disruptive strategies and real-world examples from some of the most innovative companies, Mike Walsh shows you why the real revolution is not just about how big your data is, but a mindset change about how data gets used in the enterprise.

During his presentation, Mike shares:

  • Why the future of smart leadership will be small decisions informed by data
  • How to cultivate a management culture of experimentation, risk and feedback loops
  • Learning to speak the language of data, and translating insights into stories that inspire change
  • Identifying the critical data pivots in your business, the real-time numbers no leader can afford to ignore