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Join us for this FULL DAY Closed-Loop Manufacturing Series! | Thursday, May 11

Closed Loop Innovation is the next differentiator for the Digital Enterprise. Smart, agile innovation is a competitive advantage, and the most important factor for business growth. The process to get profitable, innovative products to market on-time at the highest quality involves careful coordination, and more importantly collaboration, across a complex global network of people, systems and information. Product design is becoming increasingly virtual, and the challenge lies in the seamless connection of the virtual world to the physical world of manufacturing and back again, effectively closing the loop and preventing the risk of unexpected errors or brand damaging recalls. Attend this themed connection and learn about the next big differentiator, how you can close the loop and enable true collaboration between product engineering, process planning, production execution and automation to take your company to the next level of the Digital Enterprise and win profits from accelerated innovation.


9:30-10:15 am
Closed-Loop Manufacturing Series - Part 1

Driving the Digital Enterprise : CLM and CLQ at the heart of the Value Chain

Alastair Orchard
VP Digital Enterprise Project
Siemens PLM Software

Volker Schwickert
Vice President QMS Software
Siemens PLM Software

A brief look at a manufacturer’s internal value chain followed by a lively discussion with the audience regarding the positioning of CLM, its value when applied to different manufacturing types, and the perceived hurdles preventing wider adoption. We will also look at Closed Loop Quality and how it relates to and enhances the benefits of CLM.

10:15-10:30 am BREAK


10:30-11:15 am
Closed-Loop Manufacturing Series - Part 2

Closed Loop Assembly : Redefining Engineer-to-order Efficiency

Alan Wardle
Enterprise Architect - Civil Aerospace
Rolls-Royce Plc

Piero Orlando
Digital Enterprise Project
Siemens PLM Software

Rolls Royce’s Enterprise Architect walks us through their transformation journey with a focus on the closed-loop engineering change process. From paper-based processes to certified digital workflows. What were the challenges and what the next steps might look like.

11:15-11:30 am BREAK
11:30-1:00 pm LUNCH


1:00-1:45 pm
Closed-Loop Manufacturing Series - Part 3

Flow : the critical consideration for realizing CLM

Andres Hernandez
Head of R&D Transformation
MHP - A Porsche Company

For many years the promises made for an integrated engineering and manufacturing have been conceptual at best, but the Siemens Digital Enterprise Suite has made a fully digitalized and integrated Value Chain has become a tangible option for manufacturers.

Flow is becoming the only relevant consideration for this fully digitalized engineeringand manufacturing network. The dependency is now on the right mental model of engineers and their bosses.

Being able to maximize, maintain and support an entire eco-system will require a new way of thinking and managing. Our machines and processes are no longer the constraining resources.

1:45-2:00 pm BREAK

2:00-2:45 pm
Closed-Loop Manufacturing Series - Part 4

Digital Supply Networks : Connecting Closed Loop Manufacturers to their Supply Chain

Stephen Laaper
Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Dramatic advances in computing memory and processing are spurring entrepreneurs to develop innovative new digital technologies and capabilities—and ushering in the fourth industrial revolution. Disruptive technologies, including new sensors and artificial intelligence (also called machine learning and cognitive computing), create the foundation for analytics and a conversion between the physical and digital worlds, transforming traditional, linear supply chains into “always-on”, connected, intelligent, scalable, customizable, and nimble digital supply networks.

In this session we look at the Digital-to-Digital, Physical-to-Digital, and Digital-to-Physical connections that enable CLM and connect it to the customer and supplier network.

2:45-3:00 pm BREAK



3:00-3:45 pm
Closed-Loop Manufacturing Series - Part 5

A look into the future of Manufacturing Engineering and Execution collaboration

Alastair Orchard
VP Digital Enterprise Project
Siemens PLM Software

Corsin Buerer
Head of Part Manufacturing Data Management and Quality Products
Siemens PLM Software

Once engineering and manufacturing are digitalized and connected, the unexpected becomes possible. We look at what happens when the digital twin becomes available to operations - focusing on Holographic Augmented Reality, Projected EWIs and the use of simulation to enable Time Travel. The session will be set up to promote discussion with and collect feedback from the audience.

3:45-4:00 pm BREAK

4:00-4:45 pm
Closed-Loop Manufacturing Series - Part 6

Gaining Competitive Advantage through Closed Loop Manufacturing: Panel Discussion 


Continue to discuss the role of Closed Loop Manufacturing with Siemens PLM technologists and the other session presenters.  The session will promote discussion with directed questions to the panel members as well as other engaging attendee discussion.

Revised 4/26/17 | Schedule subject to change.