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Siemens PLM Software:  Teamcenter - Platform Extensibility Services, Teamcenter - Unified Architecture
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Services Provided:  Software, Services-Training

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TESIS PLMware creates integrated PLM landscapes and product development processes based on Teamcenter®. With 10+ years experience in PLM-ERP, we develop powerful integration solutions for SAP® ERP, Oracle® EBS & many other enterprise applications.

Our unique approach unites the professionalism and in-depth experience of big consultancies with the passion and customer-service of a small team. We are proud to offer you a full suite of PLM services and tools around Teamcenter that will add value to each stage of your product lifecycle:

Consulting to make optimum use of your resources
Integration of your systems to a seamless PLM landscape
Software for efficient, optimized product development
Implementation and adaptation of PLM platforms and tools

TESIS PLMware is based in Chicago (IL) and Munich (Germany) and is a recognized Siemens PLM Software Partner, SAP Software Solution & Technology Partner (SSTP) and Oracle Gold Partner.


Product/Service Summary

10+ Years Experience in Seamless PLM-ERP Integration
As an expert for powerful system integration solutions, TESIS PLMware combines your systems to form a continuous product creation landscape to connect Teamcenter PLM with any other IT system and process that deals with information around a product – to ensure the right information is always in the right place at the right time. The Teamcenter Gateway solutions developed by TESIS PLMware ensure a reliable, flexible and efficient integration of enterprise applications with Teamcenter, thus contributing considerably to efficient processes. Customers worldwide benefit from increased productivity and improved innovative capabilities as a key to sustainable growth in global competition.

Powerful Integration Solutions 4 Just Any Needs – surprisingly easy
The integration solutions Teamcenter Gateway for SAP (T4S) and Teamcenter Gateway for Oracle E-Business Suite (T4O) have become industry standards for the integration of Teamcenter with SAP ERP and Oracle EBS. T4S is certified by SAP and distributed worldwide as a Siemens PLM Software standard product since 2003 (T4O: since 2010).
More information: www.tesis.de/t4s and www.tesis.de/t4o

Recently, the portfolio was extended by solutions that integrate other enterprise applications into Teamcenter as well. Data and processes from almost any ERP system, legacy system, MES, CRM or other, similar enterprise applications can be linked with Teamcenter. These new capabilities are available as T4S / T4O Enterprise Application Extension Package for customers that have SAP or Oracle EBS as their primary ERP system but have a need to integrate other enterprise systems as well (legacy, subsidiaries, new acquisitions, etc.) and as Teamcenter Gateway for Enterprise Applications (T4EA) for those companies that need a robust, stand-alone solution for ERP integration with systems other than SAP ERP or Oracle EBS.
More information: www.tesis.de/t4ea

To learn more about our integration approach and philosophy, please visit our new blog www.PLMERP.com

PLM World 2012 Highlights - Teamcenter Gateway Solutions Version 9.1

What's New in T4S 9.1

  • SAP Project System / Teamcenter Schedule Manager integration for product-supported execution planning and synchronized project management throughout the enterprise.
  • SAP iPPE / TC Structure Manager integration for variant management: Import configurable BOMs from SAP iPPE to Teamcenter Structure Manager; publish structure nodes & material master objects to iPPE from Teamcenter. 
  • ... and more exciting new features & functions, including support of dynamic revision rules for BOM transfers. Contact us for details!

What's New in T4O 9.1

  • Routing support: Publish bill of process (BOP) information from Teamcenter to Oracle EBS, including revisions, operations, resources, sub-resoures & component allocations.
  • Oracle EBS GUI display: Access Oracle EBS object data directly from Teamcenter — it‘s quick & easy.
  • ... and more exciting new features & functions, including fully functional Teamcenter Thin Client support; BOM reference designator & substitute support and more. Contact us for details!

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