Customer Involvement Process

Customer Involvement Process (CIP) Voting now Open
The Customer Involvement Process (CIP) is a joint program between the PLM World and Siemens PLM Software where our PLM World members have the opportunity to vote for the number one enhancement in each of (9) product areas to vote on: NX Design, Drafting & PMI, NX Routing, Simulation, NX Nastran, Manufacturing, Programming Tools, Teamcenter (Unified Architecture) and Teamcenter Enterprise. For the 16th year Siemens PLM Development teams have committed one person-year of effort to implement the favored enhancement projects in each product area. Your opportunity to vote is now thru 17 May 2013.
(Note: You will need your Siemens PLM Sold-To-ID, Multiple people from your company can vote.)

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Enhancement Requests (ER) FAQ

What is the Customer Involvement Process (CIP)
The CIP provides a mechanism for PLM World® members to participate in shaping the future direction of Siemens PLM Software products that are represented by PLM World® Inc. Submitting Enhancement Requests (ER) is the current method for delivering the requirements from the members of PLM World® (the users) to Siemens for making improvements to the product. Siemens PLM Software is committed to start the implementation of the ER that received the highest number of votes in each of the following categories:

  • NX Design (includes assembly and part modeling).
  • Drafting and dimensional management
  • NX Routing
  • Simulation (NX CAE and NX Nastran)
  • Manufacturing (NX CAM)
  • Knowledge Driven Automation (KF and Programming Tools)
  • Teamcenter Unified Architecture
  • Teamcenter Enterprise

Who can submit ERs?
Any customer of Siemens PLM Software product may submit ERs.

How to submit ERs?
There are currently three methods for submitting ERs:

  1. Submit an ER through the Global Technical Access Center (GTAC) by calling 1-800-955-0000. Any Siemens PLM Software customer may submit ERs using this method. A valid Sold-To-ID or customer id is required.
  2. Submit an ER through the Global Technical Access Center (GTAC) via the web. Any Siemens PLM Software customer may submit ERs using this method. A Webkey is required for accessing GTAC via the Web. To get a Webkey, users should contact GTAC (1-800-955-0000) or go to:
  3. Submit and ER by completing the ER form. A PLM World® member id is required.

How are the ERs from GTAC and PLM World® combined?
ERs that are submitted through GTAC are assigned ER numbers and are entered into the Siemens PLM database.When an ER is submitted through the PLM World® website that was already submitted to GTAC, the member is asked to enter the ER number assigned by GTAC.  If the ER does not already exist in GTAC, no ER number is entered, and the Technical Leader of the specific area submits the ER to GTAC on behalf of the PLM World® member.  GTAC will then assign an ER number to that ER and the submitting member will be notified of the ER number.

How do the Technical Leaders enter the ER text into the GTAC system?
By the end of the year, each Technical Leader will enter into the GTAC database the ERs submitted through the PLM World® Website using the PLM World® Sold-To-ID.

How are the ERs selected for implementation?
Towards the end of the year, Siemens PLM Software will provide the PLM Leaders with a list of ERs from the GTAC database that are aligned with Siemens PLM Software's strategic direction. The list will include the ERs submitted by PLM World® members through the PLM World® website. PLM World Technical Leaders and Siemens product/development manager will discuss the ERs and select a maximum of 25 ERs to be placed on the ballot.

The Voting Process

PLM World® members will vote on the ERs through the PLM World® website. Special instructions will be provided when the ballots are ready for publication. Siemens PLM Software will tabulate the results and provide a response at the next PLM World® conference. All Siemens PLM Software customers are eligible to vote. Voting on the ballots will be done about two months prior to the PLM World® Conference.

Can I vote more than once?
No. Each PLM World® member may submit only one ballot for each product area.

How many votes a member's company get?
If more than 25 PLM World® members come from a given company, only the first 25 votes from that company will be counted.

Where can I review the results of last year’s ER voting?
You can review past results of voting at the following links:

Statistics from 2002 – 2009

Statistics from 2010

Statistics from 2011

Statistics from 2012 | Results 2012