Detroit Regional Users Group 2012 Conference

Agenda Abstracts

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Keynote Sessions

Welcome, Opening Remarks,PLM World Overview

Mark Halbish

TI Automotive / Detroit RUG ChairFollowing a brief welcome and opening remarks, Mark will provide an overview of the PLM World User Group organization.

Siemens PLM Business Report
Dave Shook – Siemens PLM
In this state of the industry review, Dave will provide statistics on the market leading position of Siemens PLM, key business wins over the past year and highlight the strategic direction of Siemens PLM Software. Global Product Development Federico Pasetti – Chrysler The implementation of common development processes and systems between Chrysler and Fiat to efficiently develop products together. PLM Portfolio Session (Emerging PLM Trends) Dave Taylor & Stefan Jockusch – Siemens PLM This session will cover a technical review of the Siemens PLM software portfolio and highlight how software development is addressing emerging PLM trends.

Global Product Development
Federico Pasetti – Chrysler
The implementation of common development processes and systems between Chrysler and Fiat to efficiently develop products together.

PLM Portfolio Session (Emerging PLM Trends)
Dave Taylor & Stefan Jockusch – Siemens PLM
This session will cover a technical review of the Siemens PLM software portfolio and highlight how software development is addressing emerging PLM trends.

Teamcenter Track

Teamcenter Overview – What’s New in 9.0
Bill Lewis – Siemens PLM
Teamcenter 9.1 has just been released with new functionality. This session will provide an overview of how you can take advantage of the latest product enhancements.

The Business Value of PLM
John Bayless – Mercury Marine
Discuss the business value Mercury Marine has received from its PLM implementation by impacting cross-functional areas including engineering, product cost, manufacturing, supply chain, and quality.

Workflow & Change Management
Leah Stefanski – Siemens PLM
General overview of Workflow development and the change management process in Teamcenter.

Multi CAD Integration
Chris Pattitoni - Siemens PLM
Teamcenter CAD management offers fully integrated data access inside the CAD environment. Teamcenter allows you to integrate your CAD tools by bringing together product designs within a single data management system. You can capture, manage and synchronize product design data within one source.

Data Syncing – Multisite Strategy to Stay Afloat
Dave Brining - TI Automotive
How do you define your global multisite replication strategy? Are you syncing or swimming? In this session, see how and why TI Automotive replicates data globally on a nightly basis to allow users to perform a global where-used of components, global part-reuse and helps eliminate end user frustration when attempting to replicate Teamcenter data. Understand (feel the pain) of how syncing between PLM sites is accomplished and understand the tools that can be used to help identify and resolve data syncing issues.

Teamcenter Requirements Management
John Burns - Siemens PLM
Teamcenter Requirements Management can be as simple as translating part definition into a single “Bill of Requirements” or as complex as developing several tiers of requirements into a complete specification structure. Requirements can be directly linked to CAD and other product data to allow designers and engineers visibility when designing products. Also, specifications can be created to test and verify that product requirements are met.

Mechatronics Development at Ford Motor Company
Paul Renko - Ford & Jitesh Agrawal - Siemens PLM
Teamcenter is the established PLM technology leader for mechatronics development as evidenced by Ford implementation that won the prestigious PACE award. This session will focus on emerging capabilities of Teamcenter to manage entire lifecycle of mechatronic development from early E/E architecture definition to manufacturing and after sales service. The session will also highlight how Teamcenter enables ISO 26262 compliance a key emerging need for functional safety in automotive.

NX CAD Track

The John Baker Show – What’s New in NX 8
John Baker – Siemens PLM
This session is delivered by long time Siemens NX product evangelist John Baker.  John will present in his unique and engaging style a hands-on live demonstration of the key features and enhancements to NX 8.5 in the areas of User Interface and Fundamentals as they pertain to Modeling, Assemblies, Drafting and Sheet Metal modeling.

NX Tips and Tricks
Mike Miller – Siemens PLM
Presentation and demo on NX productivity Tips and Tricks that an NX user might not be aware of. Tips and Trick would include UI, functionality, process automation, etc.

Synchronous Modeling Using Imported Data
Mike Miller - Siemens PLM
Presentation and demo on best practices utilizing Synchronous modeling on imported data such as iges, step, parasolid, and direct import data. Define the differences between History and Non-history modeling techniques. Model Cleanup after import for best results.

NX Design Automation - Engineer to Order, Product Templates, Knowledge Capture, Design Reuse
Tom Tsivitse - Siemens PLM
Presentation and demo reviewing the many option inside NX for Design Automation. What is it and how can users reduce design time by capturing and reusing best practices with their organization.

PMI - Product Manufacturing Information
Ken Swanson - Siemens PLM
Presentation and demo on how to utilize NX PMI to streamline the definition of parts in the 3D modeling environment. How can applying PMI to a model affect downstream functionality.

NX Sheet Metal Best Practices
Ken Swanson - Siemens PLM
Presentation and demo showing proper sheet metal modeling techniques. Show how to build a sheet metal part from scratch and also how to add sheet metal features to non-sheet metal parts. (Optional) how to define a sheet metal Drawing utilizing automation routines.

Multi-Track: CAM/CAE/Solid Edge Track

What’s New in CAM
Larry Moran – Siemens PLM
Presentation and possible demos on the upcoming version and latest released version of NX 8.5 CAM software.

Milling + Multi-axis CAM
Larry Moran – Siemens PLM
Presentation and possible demonstrations of using NX CAM to do complex machining using multi axis and mill turn.

What's New in NX CAE
Ravi Shankar - Siemens PLM
Presentation and demo on the upcoming version and latest released version of NX CAE software. NX 8 and NX 8.5 what's new and cool.

Simulation Data Management
Raghav Kashi - Siemens PLM
Deep Dive into managing CAE data with Team Center for Simulation. Learn about features and functions of Teamcenter 4 Simulation and working with NX and third party application in a managed environment.

What's New in Solid Edge
Josh Ponzetti - CAM Logic
Take a deep dive with demonstrations of new functionality and advances in Synchronous Technology with ST5.  This latest Solid Edge release increases the flexibility of synchronous modeling, introduces steady state heat transfer to the simulation suite, bolsters its world-class drafting with the addition of nailboard creation, and features over 1300 customer-driven enhancements. 

Digital Manufacturing Track

Introduction to Tecnomatix
Sean Bradley – Siemens PLM
Presentation overview of the different products within the Tecnomatix suite. Solution will include Mfg Process planning (Parts and assemblies), 3D motion simulation (parts, human/JACK, robots), and discrete event Simulation. Examples of best practices will be reviewed as part of reviewing the workflow of eBOM-mBOM-BOP-Work Instructions, and validating the assembly process in Process Simulate.

What’s New in Tecnomatix
Sean Bradley – Siemens PLM
Presentation and demo on new functionality in Tecnomatix 10.  Depending on the audience the solution may be either Teamcenter-based or eMS-based.

Manufacturing BOM Management
Sean Bradley - Siemens PLM
Presentation and demo of the managing an Assembly Process Structure in Teamcenter Mfg Process Planner (EBOM-MBOM-BOP) and validating the process will work using Process Simulate (3D simulation tool).

Manufacturing Planning
Sean Bradley - Siemens PLM
Presentation and demo of the managing an Assembly Process Structure in Teamcenter Mfg Process Planner (EBOM-MBOM-BOP) and validating the process will work using Process Simulate (3D simulation tool).

Variation Analysis
Tom Kalkman - Siemens PLM
Presentation and demo of the Variational Analysis Quality solutions within the Tecnomatix suite. 

Partner Track

Injection Molding Simulation in NX

Ken Cheng - Moldex 3D

As customers seek better solutions when facing more severe global competition, Moldex3D is pleased to integrate with Siemens for a smarter solution from CAD design to true 3D molding simulation. This seamless workflow enhances the product quality, shortens the cycle time, and generates core competence. Moldex3D eDesignSYNC for NX can streamline the design process by predicting potential design blemishes and verifying design changes in the early design phase under real world conditions. For a more accessible and easy-to-use injection molding solution, Moldex3D embeds its filling analysis capability in NX 8.5. The NX EasyFill Analysis enables the customers to validate designs with intuitive injection molding simulations in NX 8.5 environment. This integration will bring Moldex3D’s innovative CAE technologies to NX users to help them be more productive and competitive in the design-to-manufacturing process.

Perspectives on Success in PLM Transformation

Ed Shinouskis – IBM
Companies are faced with imperatives to harness innovation, manage increasing product complexity, and to bring products to market faster and cheaper. Modern PLM solutions are able to help deliver much of the needed functionality. Deciding to make improvements in the PLM environment is a significant step. Unfortunately, modern PLM solutions don’t provide a smooth migration path from legacy environments to a new one. IBM will explore commonly encountered hurdles which have to be overcome when modernizing a PLM environment, and solutions which can help manage the transition.

How to get the most out of your MultiCAD & MultiPDM PLM landscape
John Lopez - Piterion Group
PLM landscapes of organizations are getting increasingly more complex due to several reasons - CAD/PDM platform change, compliance with multiple customer/supplier requirements and legacy systems integration resulting from mergers/acquisitions. This presentation will demonstrate a technology enabled approach to manage a multiCAD / multiPDM system landscape. In the first section, PITERION will introduce the audience to enabling technology and in the latter part, discuss the application of this approach to specific Use Cases such as CAD migration, multiCAD workflow and multiPDM co-existence.

Get Designs Right First Time with Upstream Design Validation
Nikhil Dalvi - Geometric Global
Get Designs Right First Time with upstream Design Validation (Nikhil Dalvi)
Design and manufacturing are key areas in any Product development process but design for ease of manufacturing is neglected at times. It is realized at later stage that the design has to be changed to accommodate the manufacturing constraints and it leads to design and all downstream operations iterations. These engineering changes have a big impact on cost and the “time to market” as it involves, rework in design, tooling, manufacturing. The manufacturing of components can be simplified if DFM practice is followed at design stage. Such a process can also help in reducing the overall product cost improving assembly efficiency and eliminating some expensive tooling/operations. DFMPro is a framework to enable effective implementation of best practices during design. 

Improve consumption of 3D design data for downstream processes (Ashish Deshmukh)
Industries are moving towards MBD which saves significant costs of 2D drawing creation and also ensures that all the downstream operations can be made more effective using the 3D master data. Use of out-of-date data by downstream users leads to rework, scrap, delays in schedule. Improving the process to enable consumption of “right” data is the key. 3D design data and collation of other related information from multiple enterprise systems makes a robust ecosystem for the organization. MBEWeb enables this mechanism to provide right information to all the internal and external stakeholders. It leads to reduction in scrap, rework and improves time to market.

Defining Types of NC Program “Optimization"

Mark Benedetti - CGTech Presentation

This presentation will highlight a few different types of NC optimization techniques. It will focus on methods that modify the trajectory, verses adjusting feeds and speeds based on the amount of material being removed. The presentation will also demonstrate how simple simulation and optimization software can be to configure by using a direct interface to Siemens NX software.

DeltaGen for Teamcenter – Seamless Integration between Engineering and Virtual Reality

Stu Johnson - RTT USA Inc

This presentation will introduce RTT as a strategic partner of Siemens PLM Software and show how RTT’s DeltaGen for Teamcenter extends the footprint of Teamcenter into the design centers and further to Sales and Marketing organizations. With industry leading software, solutions, and services for photo-realistic use cases, RTT’s DeltaGen for Teamcenter allows users to author true-to-life 3D environments that are synchronized with managed CAD data - with the added benefit of managing the related rendering components such as materials, textures, lights, scenes, etc. By leveraging Teamcenter as the single source of knowledge for the entire virtual reality data set, products can be validated for proper finishes and materials – for all buildable configurations – earlier than would be possible with physical prototypes and in much higher quality. Marketing assets such as CGI still images and video animations can be published with confidence that they represent the product as designed – and without waiting for first articles.

Engineering Efficiency: How to get more engineering for less

Brian Meeker - Deloitte Consulting

Research and development (R&D) departments are not alone in being asked by management to do more with less. Facing the squeeze of greater expectations and few resources R&D is left with one choice; improve engineering efficiency. Reduce the hours and resources going to rework and late design changes. Spend less time in unproductive meetings. Do a better job of synchronizing design and manufacturing. Deloitte has developed a process to aggressively address these objectives – focusing on engineering churn. We will present our approach for addressing engineering churn and how we have helped companies reduce failures in design and test process execution, improve decision making during design and development, improve adherence to engineering processes and procedures, manage requirements and ensure cross functional integration in the design process. We will center this discussion around two case studies from where we have effectively implemented this approach for our clients.

Hands On Training

What’s New in NX8 Modeling & Sketching
Dave Korn – Siemens PLM
This class will teach you the newest Modeling and Sketching functionality. Subjects include display updates, divide curve, studio spline enhancements, pattern feature, feature and relations browser, draft feature, extract body here, replace feature, Surfacing enhancements to bridge, swept, extension, delete edge, etc. You will also learn about Synchronous Modeling functionality including updates for delete face, cross section edit, and reorder blend. Sketch enhancements covered include project curves to a sketch, create a general pattern in a Sketch, and zero length lines in a Sketch General Pattern.

Teamcenter Perspectives, Saving Searches and Browsing Relations
Dave Korn – Siemens PLM
This session introduces working with perspectives and views in the Teamcenter rich client, using the My Saved Searches menu to save searches, and viewing and navigating the relation hierarchy of an object using the Relation Browser.

Reuse Library and Product Template Studio
Dave Korn – Siemens PLM
Use the Reuse Library navigator to access reusable objects and components and use them in your model or assembly. In this class, you will find reusable objects and components in the Reuse Library navigator, add reusable objects and components from the Reuse Library to your model, and define user-defined libraries and create reusable objects and components and add them to the Reuse Library. You will also learn to create basic and advanced design controls in NX Product Template Studio. A product template is a documented representation of any kind of NX data which the original author of the data wants to promote for reuse across a much broader user community.



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