This spring PLM World will elect a new Strategic Technical Director, Vice Chairman and Technical Operations Director. For your reference, the descriptions for these positions are included below:

  • Accepting nominations for open positions February 3, 2017 -  March 10, 2017  
  • Final candidates will be announced on March 17, 2017
  • Elections will held April 3, 2017 - May 10, 2017
  • Final results will be announced on May 11, 2017 

**Siemens PLM Employees and PLM World Partners are not eligible for Nomination**


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Nominee: Andrew Rhodes
Company: iMLUX Inc.

  1. What Makes me qualified for this position?
    • The last 3 years I have been the chairman of the PLM World Cincinnati Regional User Group. In that three years, I have expanded the RUG in many ways. Most notably in content the members want to learn about. Cincinnati has a large population on Manufacturing orient business. Also, a lot of aerospace, medical, consumer products, capital equipment, military/defense. The Common core for the PLM World members was NX and Teamcenter. By engaging with Siemens, large fortune 500 companies and small business, we developed new content. We had 39 RUG attendees the year before I started as chairmen. We have grown to near 100 attendees on average. Our sponsorships also grew from 0 to nearly 10. This year we are looking at probably sponsorships of 20.
  2. Why I want to run for this position or see the person I am nominating run for this position.
    • In my 16 years in the PLM realm I have experienced numerous CAD, CAE, Visualization and Teamcenter implementations. It doesn't matter in what camp you spend your time in, there are always not fully developed applications, methodologies or integration. I want to improve the user experience; the business experience and ensure collaboration between the member, their business/companies and Siemens. I believe with My vast experiences in Multicad, interoperability; Teamcenter, BMIDE, Solution Architecture and end user experience, I can foster improvements in many areas.
  3. What could you or the person you are nominating plan to accomplish or implement for improvement if elected to this position?
    • I plan to implement more work groups that explore the issues companies and users experience on a regular basis. Then solve them heuristically and systematically for good. With the Technical Operations Director role, I will be very active.
  4. Is there anything else about yourself or the person you are nominating that you would like us to know?
    • I have a deep love for all things PLM and CAD/CAE. My hobbies are additive manufacturing, hiking and kayaking. I cannot wait to see humanity become a multi-planet civilization and will help provide any technical knowledge for future tech and retro tech to meet that goal.

Nominee: Patrick Fahy
Company: Mahindra Automotive North America

  1. What Makes me qualified for this position?
    • I'm fortunate to have a varied working life, including time at numerous global companies. Working on various CAD and PLM packages, as an Engineer and in IT, for development and deployment. Working in this field has meant I have been in ongoing training for close to twenty years. The impact of these packages on the working of the corporation, has enabled me to be involved in many cross functional teams as we study the long-term impact of the proposed IT package.
  2. Why I want to run for this position or see the person I am nominating run for this position.
    • For the last year, I have volunteered as the Technical Director for the Detroit RUG (Regional User Group), with over five hundred members. My role is to interact with the presenters, help ensure speaking slots for all streams were filled with appropriate content, and the agenda available online. Working with these members, volunteers and the various industry bodies has been a great learning experience, showing me a whole different world outside of a “Big Three” company. This has motivated me to apply to PLM World to further my experience.
  3. What could you or the person you are nominating plan to accomplish or implement for improvement if elected to this position?
    • If it were possible to recognize it is a company’s intellectual property that has value, not the CAD / PLM tool, just like the use of MS Office products isn’t a differentiator, then I believe progress would have been made. PLM World and its membership could develop a framework for CAD / PLM usage ranging from a basic company, to a full blown multi-site / multi program year complex product.
  4. Is there anything else about yourself or the person you are nominating that you would like us to know?
    • Two recent changes motivated me to apply:
      Work life, I have worked for Mahindra for just over two years, they encourage volunteer activities so I have full support from my colleagues, my year so far with RUG serves as a volunteer example.

      My family life has transitioned from being an active parent, to now having free personal time! PLMW volunteering would certainly allow me the freedom to pursue personal growth opportunities.

Nominee: Mark Halbish
Company: TI Automotive

  1. What Makes me qualified for this position?
    • I have been a user of Siemens PLM products for 30 years starting with my first training course on UGII V4 in January 1987. I spent 15 years working with, managing and training people in the use of the Unigraphics / NX CAD system in design, drafting and CAM / NC Programming in NX. Over the past 15 years, I have been heavily involved in Teamcenter with global responsibility for business process mapping, configuration, deployment and user training.
    • I bring a balanced and knowledgeable perspective to the use of Siemens PLM products – as a user, a systems administrator, a solution architect, a programmer, a business analyst, a trainer and an IT Director. This is a unique perspective to understand what it takes to sell the benefits of the technology and solutions to management, implement the solution and drive user adoption to realize the proposed value.
    • I have been an active and positive advocate for improving Siemens PLM products. I strive for my teams to work with Siemens technical support and development in a positive spirit as evidenced by the hundreds of IR’s we have submitted to GTAC. A great deal of these have been converted to ER’s and PR’s. We accept that no software is perfect and continuous improvement is an ongoing initiative where it is vital that users provide their feedback and report opportunities for improvement. The user groups have a direct role to play to work with Siemens in improving the user experience and functionality for the entire user community.
    • I have experience with User groups as a board member, chair, speaker and a regular attendee at user group conferences. I have attended the PLM World conference over 15 times along with several other PLM, IT and industry conferences. I’ve also attended the PLM Europe conference 3 times which has given me a greater appreciation of the requirements and differences across the regions of our global user community.
    • Finally, I have had the great honor of serving on the PLM World board of directors for the past 5 years in the role of Vice Chair for 2 years followed by a 3-year term of Chairman. I was also the Chairman of the Detroit Regional Users Group for 2 years. I have a strong commitment to the future prosperity of PLM World and ensuring that our mission is fulfilled in providing the industry leading collaborative network for the Siemens PLM User Community.
  2. Why I want to run for this position or see the person I am nominating run for this position.
    • I am a strong believer in the concept of user groups. PLM World is a group run by the users and for the users. It is vital that people with experience, passion and leadership are prepared to get involved and elevate their participation.
    • I originally nominated 5 years ago for the position of Vice Chair as I felt the time was right for me to give back to this user group. I have gained a lot and taken a lot out of PLM World over the years. While I had presented in the past and continue to submit my abstracts for yearly events, I wanted to do more. I felt then and continue to feel strongly to it is vital that PLM World has a diverse representation of people on the board who cover a diverse range of industries and who use the broad range of Siemens PLM products.
    • The 5 years I have spent serving this organization as Vice Chair and Chairman have served to increase the respect I have for our users group and yet realize there is much more to be done. The number 1 value that PLM World brings to the community is the content that is delivered at our events. Siemens PLM is growing their product portfolio at a rapid pace and PLM World needs to adapt its structure and events to embrace the opportunity of welcoming the users of the expanded product portfolio into our organization and ensuring that our PLM Connection events deliver content that serves, educates and informs all stakeholders of both new and existing Siemens PLM products.
    • I believe that my experience in using, architecting, configuring, selling and delivering training on Siemens PLM technology coupled with my strong knowledge of the PLM World organization and strong network of contacts amongst customers, partners and Siemens uniquely positions me to bring tremendous value to the work ahead to continue to evolve and improve the agenda and content of future PLM Connection events.
  3. What could you or the person you are nominating plan to accomplish or implement for improvement if elected to this position?
    • I would like to see more opportunities for users and companies to interact with the Users Group. Many users of Siemens PLM products are simply not able to attend the annual conference which is where the regional users groups have a huge role to play.
    • I plan to continue my active and passionate support of PLM World Regional User Groups.
    • Additionally, I will of course be a vocal and active member of the PLM World board to bring passion, energy and fresh ideas to ensure the voice of the user is heard loud and clear.
    • I will be a strong advocate for customers of Siemens PLM and users of their technology to ensure that PLM Connection events meet the needs of all stakeholders from end Users to Business Analysts and Managers to IT Configuration and Deployment professionals.
    • It is vital that our event agendas deliver a balanced view of Siemens PLM products that is inclusive of voice of the customer, partner and Siemens PLM.
    • I will be a powerful voice on the agenda committee ensuring that we design the events to ensure that we educate, inform and provide a forum for sharing of knowledge, best practices and lessons learned for users of existing Siemens PLM technologies and the new technologies being added to their portfolio. This would include existing experienced users and companies and those who are new to the Siemens PLM portfolio looking to rapidly learn about how to use and deploy Siemens PLM technology in their companies to meet the needs of their business.
  4. Is there anything else about yourself or the person you are nominating that you would like us to know?
    • In addition to my experience in multiple roles using multiple Siemens PLM products, I have also worked in multiple sectors of the manufacturing industry over the course of my 30-year Automotive career. I have worked at OEM’s, Tier 1 suppliers, contract design houses and toolmakers.
    • My experience living and working in 5 countries across North America, Europe and Australasia combined with leading a global team and deploying Siemens PLM products across 30 countries has given me a deep appreciation for the complexities of operating in a global environment. Siemens PLM users are present in every corner of the world and we need to look for and embrace every opportunity to connect with them and enable them to participate in our users group, PLM World.
    • I embrace opportunities to work with others in our industry. I have a strong history of benchmarking, networking and sharing information with my peers in the PLM World. I have hosted and participated in numerous reference visits with companies large and small; existing Siemens PLM Software customers as well as new prospects. The sharing and dialogue always provides new insights for improvement.
    • If I am graced with the trust of the user base and receive your votes to continue to serve on the board as a representative of this strong user community, I commit to you that I will work hard to ensure we continue to have an effective and energetic PLM World organization.