PLM World Hosted Roundtable Discussions

PLM World realizes the greatest benefit provided to its citizen base is networking opportunities with other users, who come together for a common purpose and share experiences, expertise, tips, best practices and issues. The roundtable discussions have been a resounding success and continue to stress the synergy that is present when users come together focused on a single topic. As a result of the roundtables, new ideas are brought up, users are educated on unknown functionality, Siemens PLM becomes aware of common user issues, and ongoing relationships are developed. Don’t miss out on being involved in a roundtable of your choice! Please email ( if you have any suggestions for other roundtable topics or would like to be the host of a roundtable discussion. For more information please refer to the website and discussion boards here.


Take a look at some of the comments received from participants:

“We need more roundtables!  This has been the best approach yet to get specific information on specific topics to make a difference for me at work.”

 “The roundtable sessions were by far the most important sessions for me to attend at the annual conference.  I will be back to attend these sessions next year.”

"Nice Roundtable today, Jon. Thanks for organising. We’ve been working on improving large assy functionality and performance for years, and are getting frustrated with our lack of significant success. I think we learned a few things today,and we will be looking into them. It was eye opening to see that our large assemblies aren’t really that large, and I am hopeful that we can make some drastic improvements."

"Even though we thought that we were ahead of the pack with large modeling and drafting, there were still some specific ideas discussed that we hadn’t considered. It was a great wealth of knowledge!"

"Very encouraging to hear other that other customers have similar issues as us. It really gives us a chance to tell Siemens about our needs in a combined voice."