2015 Regional Connections: PLM World Regional Users Group Meetings

These regional users meetings are designed to discuss various topics of interest specific to the region and members. Note these dates and plan to attend to recieve all the benefits that these local meetings offer. 2015 Dates will be published as they are determined. 

For information on becoming a RUGSponsor please visit the RUG Partner program page here: www.plmworld.org/rug_partner_package.

RUG Mapforweb.jpg

Pin RUG event Website Date 2016 Location
1 Arizona http://www.plmworld.org/arizonarugevent 9/20/2016


2 Chicago/Wisconsin http://www.plmworld.org/caugwugrugevent 10/20/2016 TBD
3 Cincinnati http://www.plmworld.org/cincinnatirugevent TBD TBD
4 Detroit http://www.plmworld.org/detroitrugevent 10/27/2016 Troy, MI
5 Indiana http://www.plmworld.org/indianarugevent 11/15/2016 Indianapolis, IN
6 Intermountain http://www.plmworld.org/intermountainrugevent 9/15/2016 TBD
7 Mid-Atlantic http://www.plmworld.org/mid-atlanticrugevent 10/6/2016 TBD
8 Midwest http://www.plmworld.org/midwestrugevent 10/13/2016 Maplewood, MN
9 New England http://www.plmworld.org/new_englandrugevent 9/22/2016 TBD
10 New York State http://www.plmworld.org/new_yorkrugevent 10/4/2016 West Henrietta, NY
11 Northern California http://www.plmworld.org/n_californiarugevent 10/21/2016 TBD
12 Rocky Mountain http://www.plmworld.org/rocky_mountainrugevent 9/29/2016 TBD
13 Southeast http://www.plmworld.org/southeastrugevent 11/10/2016 Augusta, GA
14 SoCal - Los Angeles http://www.plmworld.org/socalLArugevent 10/18/2016 Los Angeles, CA
15 SoCal - San Diego http://www.plmworld.org/socalsdRUGevent 10/11/2016 San Diego, CA
16 Southwest http://www.plmworld.org/southwestrugevent 10/25/2016 Houston, TX
17 St. Louis http://www.plmworld.org/stlouisrugevent TBD TBD