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Top Gun Competition



Are you the best NX designer at Siemens PLM Connection 2013?

If you feel you are, here is your chance to prove it.  We are bringing back an old favorite, the Top Gun Competition.  Though it has been a few years since we last held it, folks keep asking us when we will do it again so they can prove how good they are at modeling in NX.

If you are interested in competing please contact Beth Ewing at

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About the contest:

The contest will be held during the Monday night reception. 

There will be two categories of contestants, students and Users.  

Contestants will be in an open area where the other attendees can watch, and heckle from the sidelines.  If you think this contest is for you, expect a fair amount of taunting from the viewers.  

Designing will be done in the latest version of NX.  At the start of the competition, the object to be designed will be unveiled.  Contestants will not know what that object is before that time.  Contestants will be able to walk up to the object and look at it, but not touch.  They will not be given any tools to measure, so all will have to be done by eye.  Contestants will be given a limited time to get as much done on their design as possible.

We are pleased to have John Baker from Siemens PLM Software as the MC for the event.  He will be providing commentary to the audience throughout the design phase.  

Once the alloted time has passed,  judges from PLM World and SPLM will critique the models and determine the winners.  Prizes will be given to the top competitor in each category.

If you are interested in submitting your name to be chosen, please contact Beth Ewing at  with your name, company, contact info, brief list of experience, and why you think you should be chosen to compete.