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Training Opportunities offered for the 2013 Conference:



Free 90-Minute Training

Siemens PLM Software will provide Siemens PLM Connections Americas 2013 attendees with a wide-ranging assortment of learning and customer support opportunities. Estimated at more than 70 classes and included with the price of the conference admission fees, the free hands-on workshops will address the range of Siemens PLM Software products as listed below, and offered topics appropriate for new, intermediate and advanced users.

Click here to download a full list of 2013 Free 90-Minute Training Classes [Updated 4/3/2013]

Free Product Training Sessions

The list below represents the planned Siemens PLM Software product training areas of coverage. All free training sessions are first-come, first-served (no advance reservations or sign-ups required) and are offered at no additional charge to registered conference attendees.

  • NX
  • Teamcenter
  • Teamcenter Manufacturing
  • Teamcenter MRO
  • Teamcenter Reporting & Analytics
  • Teamcenter Visualization
  • Velocity Series/ Solid Edge

High Value Training

These optional, 4-hour intensive workshops offer much more than a quick tour of product features and functions. Siemens PLM Software subject matter experts (and selected partners) will provide in-depth instruction focused on the most efficient and effective methods of implementing Siemens PLM Software solutions. Combining hands-on workshops with take-home reference materials and ample Q&A time, these classes will provide attendees with the opportunity to seek advice and direction on issues that they may face with their unique implementation challenges. These classes are optional, and available for an additional fee during the registration process. 

Teamcenter 9 Infrastructure: Sunday, June 2nd, 1:00-5:00pm
This session will explore and install advanced components of the Teamcenter architecture suite. It will explain the inner workings and install methodologies behind 4-tier, File Management System File Server Caches (FMS FSC’s), Remote volumes, and Store and Forward. All of these technologies have been included within Teamcenter to help create a better end user experience- how will you apply them?

Introduction to Product & Manufacturing Information: Monday, June 3rd, 1:00-5:00pm
Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) is an NX application for attaching information to a part file. You can attach information needed by downstream applications such as tooling, manufacturing, inspection, shipping, etc. The information can be text, dimensions or symbols. This course will show users how to create some of the various PMI objects, set the Annotation Plane, manage Display Instances in different Model Views, create PMI section views, inherit PMI into drawing views.

Rich Client Customization: Tuesday, June 4th, 1:00-5:00pm
This session provides instruction and hands-on workshops focused on customizing Teamcenter version 9.1.  The planned topics of discussion will include customizing the Summary view using Teamcenter 9.1 XML Rendering Template (stylesheet) functionality, including adding command buttons, listing related objects, and creating new tabs.  This course is targeted at Teamcenter programmers and customizers.

Teamcenter Integration for NX: Wednesday, June 5th, 1:00-5:00pm 
In this training session, you will learn the benefits of using NX Integration with Teamcenter to effectively manage your NX data. 

What we’ll cover:
-           Utilizing the Teamcenter Navigator to organize, search, and open NX data.
-           Importing and exporting NX data into and out of the Teamcenter database.
-           Creation of part families in NX and learning how Teamcenter handles the data.
-           Creating JT data from NX and viewing the data in Teamcenter.
-           Creating NX assembly arrangements and viewing the different arrangements using Structure Manager in Teamcenter.
-           Using Structure Manager to access JT data and send that data to NX to help facilitate working with large assemblies.

Additional tips and tricks will be introduced to help you work with your NX data in Teamcenter more efficiently.

Advanced Workflow: Thursday, June 6th, 1:00-5:00pm 
This session provides instruction and hands-on workshops focused on configuring a Teamcenter process with workflow handlers. The planned topics of discussion will include validate property on an object, check the existence of an object, authenticate user’s password, and launch a sub-process workflow to release assembly components.

Learning Advantage Lab

Siemens PLM Software will host the “Learning Advantage Lab” as an additional learning opportunity for conference attendees. This lab will be a hosted within the Siemens PLM Software Training Vendor Fair booth, and will provide attendees with free hands-on access to the Siemens Learning Advantage online self-paced learning portal and online product documentation. Siemens’ Learning Advantage will provide users with 24/7 access to an unparalleled library of hundreds of self-paced courses covering most Siemens PLM Software products. Access will be available to all registered attendees, and the lab will be staffed by Siemens Education Services staff during conference hours.

Teamcenter/ NX Answer Lab

2013 conference attendees are invited to the Teamcenter/Ideas Migration and Performance Lab to get one-on-one help solving:

  • Planning the transition from Teamcenter Enterprise to Teamcenter(Unified Architecture)
  • Planning the transition from Teamcenter Engineering to Teamcenter(Unified Architecture)
  • Using Global Multi-Site to integrate applications
  • Migrating data from third party applications to Teamcenter
  • Teamcenter performance, scalability and configuration
  • Implementing the Four Tier Architecture
  • Migrating from Ideas to Ideas NX or NX

The Teamcenter/ NX Answer Lab will be open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

FREE limited-time access to Learning Advantage online training after the conference!

  • Siemens PLM Software will provide free trial Memberships to their Learning Advantage online learning portal to customers that are registered Siemens PLM Connection Americas 2013 conference attendees. Each attendee will be provided the opportunity to sign-up for a 30-day free trial Membership that extends their learning opportunities beyond the end of the conference!
  • Siemens PLM Software will also offer a discount purchase promotion that allows registered conference attendees a discount on the purchase price of a Learning Advantage yearly Membership.

Additional Customer Support Solutions

Siemens PLM Software Transition Centers of Excellence

The Teamcenter Transition Center of Excellence and the I-deas to NX Center of Excellence will share the Siemens PLM Software booth with Siemens PLM Training and Services. In this booth, Siemens specialists will be available to answer questions and help our customers understand the steps involved in transitioning to either Teamcenter or NX. The Centers of Excellence are tasked with supporting the Siemens Services teams by working with them and developing best practices and documenting lessons learned.