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Why You Should Attend

It is a must to have true users of the software attend this conference. It is also important to have hands on CAD/PDM implementation leaders attend, so they can understand the new technology and determine a CAD/PDM implementation strategy for their business. For instance, it is common for companies to send its key strategy leaders for CAD and PDM each year, and rotate sending different users each time from their internal groups.

Enhance Your Knowledge.
The General Sessions are good overviews of the product lines. The Technical Tracks go into much more detail to keep you up to date with the software. The goal is to have attendees bring home real solid help from these Technical tracks, such as best of practice guides and detailed tips that they were able to implement into everyday use. This is also a good opportunity to attend sessions to evaluate new modules you may be considering for purchase. The Siemens PLM presentations include such good information as ER updates and software developments for the future.

Take advantage of the Hands-on opportunities.
Go to the free training sessions offered to work with the latest software developments, pick up some training on a part of the software you don’t use fully, or to simply evaluate modules before you purchase them. The Siemens PLM Demo/Help sessions provide a one-on-one learning opportunity with a Siemens PLM Development representative. You can visit with a Siemens PLM technical representative to discuss whatever is on your mind. Simply walk-up or schedule in advance with the technical representative of your choice Bring your issues from work if you like. There will be plenty of Siemens PLM development folks there to work with you. Key people will also be available from GTAC to help you find out about a recent trouble ticket you have submitted to them or help you to write one up if necessary.

Use the week to gather REAL User Feedback.
Networking with other users is one of the most valuable aspects of this conference. Attend every function and try to sit at tables for breakfast and lunch with people you do not know. Introduce yourself and start conversations on topics that you would like their feedback on. See if they have solutions to some of the problems your company is having. You will find friendly users willing to help you.

Learn about new tools that can help improve your productivity.
Visit the Vendor Trade Fair and take the time and go to every vendor and see what they have to offer. There might be a product out there that a vendor has that your company just can’t pass up. The cost benefit of what they provide may greatly outweigh the cost of the product or service. Some vendors will be of great interest to you and others wont. You may find though in the future their services might be needed or that you could help fellow employees or users by giving the vendors name as a reference.

What is the return for my company?

The whole company can benefit by learning how PLM can support corporate initiatives like Lean, Six Sigma etc. They can also discover unique PLM applications that can impact COGS through integration with enterprise and sourcing MRO, applications. You will be able to leverage your existing PLM investment to quickly adopt emerging industry wide initiatives like CMII, ISO, STEP, etc.

Your individual employee can gain an increase of as much as 10% in productivity in just one week if they take advantage of everything we have to offer. The average “fully burdened” cost for an engineer is $80 per hour. A 10% productivity improvement would translate into (200 hours x $80) a cost savings of $16000 for your company. The conference offers opportunities to gain knowledge by attending technical sessions packed with tips and new information from peer and Siemens PLM presenters. They will also be able to enhance their skills through hands-on training on current and future software versions as well as try out new applications and hardware with experts before your company makes a purchase. The ability to network with other users has been touted as one of the main reasons for attendance since other users can commonly be the best source of information and lessons learned stories. Meeting other users can even lead to them getting involved in a regional users group that can keep the learning going throughout the year at a minimal cost.

Work departments have an opportunity to gain a 10-15% improvement in knowledge and productivity through their attendee representative(s). Onsite, the attendee(s) can help to influence the product direction by networking directly with Siemens PLM developers and by participating in the Customer Enhancement (CIP) and Enhancement Request (ER) sessions. They can take advantage of our equipment setup to aid in computing infrastructure selection and optimization.

Company Wide
Upon returning to the office, that person or persons can bring back valuable information from other industries on their best practices and lessons learned from those further along in their PLM implementation. The attendee(s) can also cross train other coworkers on the info that they learned by using their first hand experience, conference proceedings and training materials from our free classes. They can also put their new information in motion with data migration and transition plans for the future.

What are the Costs?

The basic cost for your company consists of registration fees, travel and living expenses and time away from work. There are various things you can do to help reduce registration fees like registering early or having your employee consider making a technical presentation. We estimate roughly that these costs will be about $1,300-2,300 in direct expenses and about $2,000 in indirect (salary etc) expense. You must also figure in the attendee’s time away from work which might only affect the department deliverables by less than 2%. You could consider that their participation cost represents a very small impact to the engineering budget and that their training cost is generally already part of their annual budget.