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2018 Partner Packages 


The 2018 PLM World partner program offers you 4 levels of partnership to choose from.  See below for the different levels and details of benefits included in each one.

Payment Schedule: a 10% deposit is due within 30 days of initial invoice. An additional 50% is due by April 2, 2018; remainder due by May 7, 2018.

Click on the add to cart buttons to make your selection and create your invoice.  Then go to My Options > My Cart to complete your purchase. If you do not see the shopping cart buttons, first sign in with your PLM World membership login.


All purchases of packages and sponsorships are on an invoice based payment option. No credit card info will be processed. Please select your items and follow the directions through the shopping cart to create your invoice.

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Small Business









Small Business

Face to Face

Choose between available Interactive Luncheons or available General Session Connection Keynotes

**note that keynote sessions must be done jointly with a customer, and must be reviewed by our agenda committee.

(1) Included

Agenda Session
Selection of an available session depending up preference of content and style:

  • Partner Session. This will be a 45-minute presentation in the breakout room dedicated to the partner track. The partner track will be running continuously throughout the week in parallel with all event breakout sessions


  • Knowledge Theatre Session. This will be conducted in 1 of 3 Knowledge Theatre’s setup in the Solutions Center. These sessions are 20-minute high energy presentations with engaging visual demonstrations

**You will be required to submit your presentation. All sessions contingent on approval from the Agenda Committee.

(1) Guaranteed (1) Guaranteed
Accessibility to your own private meeting room (1) Included Available for additional fee Available for additional fee Available for additional fee

Recognition as a top PLM World partner in event marketing
Includes brochures, direct marketing, emails, website, etc.


3-minute Video to be shown in a General Session
We will play your video in one of our general sessions to give you maximum visibility with our attendees.  Use this opportunity to showcase your product/service, and encourage attendees to visit you in your booth for more in-depth discussion. (Contact our office for details on format, etc.)


3-minute Video Connection Broadcast shown on monitors
We will set up dedicated monitors throughout the conference in high traffic areas where your presentations will be shown throughout the week. These sessions will be noted in our program agenda, daily event listings and on-site signage as technical/sales oriented.   What better way to catch the eye of our attendees.  Use this opportunity to showcase your product/service, and encourage attendees to visit you in your booth for more in-depth discussion. (Contact our office for details on format, etc.)

1 1
Email to all pre-registered conference attendees on your behalf (1) Included (1) Included

Exposure in Conference Mobile App
Push Notification: 29 Character title with longer description including links pushed to attendees devices through the mobile app.

Exhibitor List Highlight: Colored/highlighted name in Exhibitor list.

Standard Exhibitor Listing: Includes, logo, description, contact info and booth number.

Enhanced Exhibitor Listing: Includes Standard Listing items, PLUS handout and video upload.

(1) Push Notification

Exhibitor List Highlight

Enhanced Exhibitor Listing

Enhanced Exhibitor Listing Standard Exhibitor Listing Standard Exhibitor Listing
Logo on event pages of our website Yes Yes
Banner Ad on Conference website Main Page Footer Sub-page Sidebar Sub-page Additional Fee Sub-page Additional Fee
Partner Directory Listing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company data included on event mobile app Yes Yes Yes Yes
Detailed company profile on PLM World website  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Solutions Center Benefits

Booth in Solutions Center
Please note that we do not allow booth sharing unless otherwise approved. 

20 x 20 10 x 20 10 x 10  
Lead retrieval (1) Complimentary Available for additional fee Available for additional fee Available for additional fee to those with Small Business Partners with a table area

Free Full Conference Registration (Mon-Thu)
Badges are for employees of partner company only, unless otherwise approved.  All employees must stay inside the PLM World hotel room block to receive free badge. (each registration a $1,595 value)

8 6 3 1

Please be aware that companies engaged in the sale of hardware, software or services related to Siemens PLM Software are required to participate in the partner program in order to attend PLM World events.

View the Partner Program and Conference Rules & Regulations.

*Marketing benefits are contingent upon receipt of signed contract and logos by publication deadlines.

**View spec sheet and examples of above items.

 For any questions please contact the Partner Sales Coordinator at: partners@plmworld.org or by phone (440) 387-7768. 


Stand out from the Crowd

Go beyond your partner package and make the attendee notice and appreciate your company with these additional engagement opportunities.

Reach the Entire PLM World Member Base 12,000+ Siemens Customers

Webcast (pre, post or throughout the year) – Provide attendees and the entire PLM World membership education and information. Each webcast is exclusive to one partner – 3 webcasts available. PLM World will promote the webcast in the PLM World Member Newsletter and on the PLM World website. Please note, this should not be a sales pitch.

(3 available)

Website Banner Ad - $1,000 per ad/per month


Member Email – Reach all PLM World members and prospect attendees directly through an email sent by PLM World. Limited opportunities; 4 group emails available, 4 exclusive emails available. - $1,000 with 6 total companies in each email 5 other companies in same email/$4,000 exclusive.

(4 exclusive available)

(24 group slots available)

PLM World Member Newsletter Content Piece – Share your latest and greatest in an article included in our new member newsletter.

(6 available)

Mobile Memories - Download Example Sheet

Overall Mobile App Sponsor – The overall app sponsorship package provides maximum sponsorship exposure on the app:

  • Secondary Launch Page
  • Weighted Banner Ad (to be shown most often)
  • Full Screen App Landing Page
  • Exhibitor Directory Row Highlighting
  • Schedule Page Watermark
  • Video Clip
  • User Metrics
(1 available)

Rotating Banner Ad – Banner ads rotate at the top of the app Dashboard page, and click through to a full-screen App Landing Page.

(6 available)

Push Notification – Reach attendees at their fingertips with a message sent straight to their mobile device. The three most recent alerts also appear at the top of the Dashboard page, and all alerts are saved under the “Alerts” Dashboard icon. (Date/time available on first come basis)

(6 available)

Enhanced Exhibitor Listing
Standard Listing includes:

  • Company Name
  • Company Contact
  • Booth Number
  • Logo (Attendees see it on your mobile app exhibitor listing and on the mobile app’s interactive tradeshow floor plan)

Upgrade to the Enhanced Listing to upload product literature, show brochures, press releases, and other .pdf documents and video to the mobile app. Save money on printing. Attendees download your information to their smart phones, or email them.


Session Sponsor – Have a speaking slot at Siemens PLM Connection - Americas 2018? Add your logo to the session detail listing in the app for added exposure.


Exhibitor Directory Row Highlighting – Background color draws attention to the overall app sponsor’s listing in the exhibitor directory.


Speaking Opportunities

Agenda Break-Out Session – Share your expertise during the agenda breakout sessions. Keep in mind, this should not be a sales pitch, but a way for you to show your value and knowledge to attendees.


Knowledge Theatre Session – Located in the Solutions Center, Knowledge Theatre Sessions are a high energy short presentation, perfect for engaging visual demonstrations.


Wine and Dine the Attendees with Food and Beverage Opportunities

Wednesday Happy Hour – Naming rights to bars at this new social hour held near the most well attended Connections. Five available.


Be the Exclusive Happy Hour sponsor! (One available)

(5 available)


Get them to Remember Your Company Name

Knowledge Theatre Naming Rights – Be seen as a knowledge leader with website, mobile app and conference name recognition of our popular Knowledge Theatres. Includes 1 Knowledge Theatre Session. (Three Knowledge Theaters available)

(3 Available)

Keynote Seat Drop – Your one page or stapled packet at each attendee’s seat. - $2,500 plus printing

Conference Lanyards – Attendees must wear conference badges with lanyards to attend the session. Be seen on 2,000+ walking billboards.


Encourage Networking and Connections

Wireless Internet – Your company name will be remembered as attendees use your name to log into the free wireless internet. In addition, you will be noted as the internet sponsor on the website, mobile app and live on stage.


Women of PLM Luncheon Title Sponsor – Tuesday, June 5, 12pm – 1:30pm | Anticipated attendance: 50+
This session is designed to offer women in the industry to meet and network. Guest speaker and author of BASE Jump, Carrie Sechel, will present Find Your Power! In this 90-minute session, participants will learn how to find their power and use it to find purpose in work and life.

Sponsorship Includes:

  • “Women of PLM sponsored by <Your Company Name>” wherever listed
  • 3-minute Introduction
  • Logo on signage and all promotional materials and invitations
  • Ad on Mobile App event listing in the agenda
  • Provide Handout/Giveaway

First Timers Breakfast Title Sponsor – Monday, June 4 7-7:45 am | Anticipated attendance: 50+
Have a representative on a panel to share with new attendees how to maximize their time at the event, including how to navigate connection sessions, mapping their time in the Solution Center, using the Mobile App and more.

  • “First Timers Breakfast sponsored by <Your Company Name>” wherever listed
  • Have a representative on the panel share the ins-and-outs of the Solution Center
  • Introduction as valued partner and sponsor
  • Logo on signage and all promotional materials and invitations
  • Ad on Mobile App event listing in the agenda
  • Provide Handout/Giveaway


2018 Siemens PLM Connection - Americas' Partners

Small BusinessObeoSoftSoftware

Booth # Partner Name Type
106 CADENAS PARTsolutions Software
107 Elysium Inc. Software
108 Sigmetrix Software
109 Kisters AG Software
112 PHM Technology  Software
113 AMD Hardware
114 Alta Via Consulting LLC Services
120 neoapps GmbH Software
121 HCL Software
122 DSC Software AG Software
124 Next Labs Inc Software
125 Driven-4  Services
126 Theorem Solutions Software
127 The Institute for Process Excellence - IpX Services
128 LTX Software Inc.  Software
129 Lean Scheduling International Services
137 Four Colors Technology Software
139 ATS Applied Tech Systems Services
201 PROSTEP Software
206 HP Inc. Hardware
207 Mercury PLM Services Services
212 SEAL Systems, Inc. Software
213 MHP Management- und IT-Bertung GmbH Services
214 CGTech Software
220 MAYA Simulation Software
224 Saratech Services
226 Engineering USA formerly Hyla Soft Services
233 DXC Technology  Services
236 Upchain Software
238 Edge2Web, Inc. Software
301 eQ Technologic Inc Software
306 OPTIS Software
307 Deloitte Consulting Services
312 Engineering Intent Services
313 Lenovo Hardware
314 VMH International Software
333 Granta Design Software
335 Design Visionaries Services
406 Anark Corporation Software
409 MechWorks Software
412 EPLAN Software & Services GmbH Software
413 ITI Software
415 SQS Software
425 3Dconnexion Hardware
427 Keyshot Software
432 BCT Technology Ag Software
433 Mentor, a Siemens Business  Software
506 Convergence Data Services
507 Rocket Software  Software
508 Nasuni Software
509 PROLIM PLM Software
512 Stratsys  Hardware
513 ICAM Technologies Corp. Software
515 Design Automation Associates, Inc Services
520 CoreTechnologie Software
521 XPLM Solution Software
523 IGE+XAO Software
525 Physna Software
527 2Roads Professional Resources Services
529 Swoosh Technologies Services
Connected Conversations Accenture Services
Happy Hour TATA Consultancy Services Services
Small Business Allied Powers Hardware
Small Business Asaro Systems Software
Small Business Axis Technologies Services
Small Business DfR Solutions LLC Software
Small Business Digitread Software
Small Business EB Solutions Software
Small Business FARO Technologies Inc Services
Small Business Ideal Engineering Oy Software
Small Business iSiD Software
Small Business Lightwork Design Ltd Software
Small Business LMtec GmbH Services
Small Business Logexsoft Inc Services
Small Business Materialise Software
Small Business Tech Soft 3D Software
Small Business thinkstep AG Software
Small Business Widen Software
Small Business Young Chang CAD Co Ltd Services