Benefits of Becoming a
PLM World® Annual Partner

The PLM World® Partner Program provides annual partnerships to companies who supply products and services to the Siemens PLM Software customer base. Our program is designed to facilitate communication throughout the year between our Members and Partners who provide products and/or services of value to users of Siemens PLM Software.

We realize that each of our partners have different needs. Therefore, this program continues to undergo design updates, intending to give companies increased visibility and improved communication with the PLM World® membership and Siemens PLM Software customer base. Companies are able to customize their partnership by selecting individual packages with both conference and year-round marketing outreach to insure that you receive a return on your investment that meets your expectation levels and matches your individual needs.

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This program has 4 main objectives:

  • Provide PLM World members access to quality products and services to help solidify their Siemens PLM software implementation.
  • Improve the ability for partners to contact and influence the Siemens PLM Software user base through our mediums such as our Annual Conference, Online Discussion Boards, Web Advertisements, Inclusion in conference materials and Direct Mail.
  • Provide our partners opportunities to differentiate themselves from other corporations through tiered packages of marketing opportunities, custom Internet presence on our website, sponsorships at conferences and the ability to directly address users at User Conferences.
  • Provide a generation of revenue to help sustain the independence of and improve the quality of our organization.



The PLM World® Partner Program is open to hardware and software companies that enhance and promote the Siemens PLM Software product line. It is not open to companies that intend to promote products that directly compete with the Siemens PLM Software family of products.