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For the past few years, gathering statistics on website traffic for was a challenge.  For starters, we did not have all of our web content under the same domain.  This made it difficult to determine how many new visitors we gained compared to how many repeat visits attempted.

With the launch of the new website, we now have one domain to track all activities, including conference registration, user forums, downloading presentations and checking out year round events throughout the country. This will make it easier to measure how well the website is serving the community and what content we need to provide more of to increase participation.

The new website was launched after our annual conference on June 23rd to be exact. Since the launch, over 12,000 of you visited the site and over 120,000 page views were attempted.

2011 Statistics for – since June 23rd 2011

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One measure that we consider important is the bounce rate. A bounce rate is a measure of how long a visitor stays on a page before leaving the site.  The lower the bounce rate, the longer the visitor stays on the site and the better. Achieving an average site bounce rate between 25% and 30% is ideal and shows that the content offered through the site keeps visitors browsing.  The other metrics, page views and pages/visit are also an important measure of how much content is being viewed. The higher the score for page views and pages per visit the better. Tracking metrics like these is very important as it helps convince our partners to sponsor our annual conferences. The more interest they see in our website, the more likely they will sponsor our conference.

It is hard to compare the statistics of our new site to our previous site due to the fact that there were multiple domains used before we brought everything down to a single domain. We are working to provide a consistent set of metrics that will help us compare statistics quarterly and annually. These statistics will drive the type of content and features that we need to develop or add to the website.

Much of our traffic came from direct or organic sources like simply entering the URL for in your browser or using Google and Bing to find the site. We also see traffic from the event site where you registered for the 2011 conference, Siemens PLM website and social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. We continue to explore different avenues that will bring more traffic to our website.


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One trend that we are watching closely is the use of mobile devices like the iPad, iPod, Android and Windows Mobile to access the new website. This is an important trend to watch, as it could drive the development of pages that can be formatted for viewing on smaller screens. We need to be careful about not making the website content too rich or pages will not load on wireless devices that have weak or poor wireless connectivity.

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Our membership is a global one and we need to make sure that the content provided in the website is accessible to all nationalities. We hope to continue to grow more membership and traffic to outside of the US and we are open to ideals and suggestions on how to achieve this.  India has a strong following behind the US with Germany and the UK  not too far behind.  We hope to see more growth with our feature rich and interactive website content.

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We are looking at ways to determine which content our members spend more time visiting or visiting frequently. We can show which of the discussion forums are getting a lot of traffic.  Teamcenter Unified and Teamcenter  both command the most traffic in the discussion area.

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One area that we really need to push for is membership in our regional user groups. The table below shows New York taking the lead with Southern California close behind. RUGs shown in the table below have events planned in the fall and have growing or active memberships. We hope to see more traffic throughout all of our RUGs.

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We will continue to monitor progress in these areas throughout the year and leading up to our next annual conference. If you like to see more information in future articles, let me know.


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