Method for Migrating TDMs to Teamcenter

There has been a lot of concern by a lot of I-DEAS users over the past several years about how to best get TDM data in to Teamcenter. It is really not that hard if you follow the basic steps below and deviate from it or add to it only if your specific situation requires it. For those of you that are still debating or trying to figure how and when to migrate your TDMs to Teamcenter, read on.

1) Determine your mapping strategy.

Are you going to migrate all of your TDM data or just part of it? Are you going to migrate just the latest versions or all versions? Are you desiring to map all your drawings with their related models or separately into their own Item series? What is your roadmap plan for dealing with the entire I-DEAS to TDM to NX process for your data? Don't just think about the immediate TDM to TC process. Think long term. You need to think this entire process through before continuing or you may encounter some unexpected suprises along the way to NX that may plague you for many years to come.

2) Clean up your TDMs IAW (in accordance with) your decisions made in step 1.

Use miadmin and dmadmin utilities to clean up and modify your data to comply with your decisions in step 1.

3) Set up your TcII migration and other Teamcenter preferences IAW to your step 1 decisions.

There are several TcII preferences that control migration behavior. Be sure to set them correctly for your migration strategy. Also, create your TDM to Tc Group/Project mapping file if desired.

4) Create a custom TDM Attributes Form that gets created with each new Item Revision and map the 12 I-DEAS mappable TDM attributes to this form.

The most important one is "STATE" which will be used to find and reapply a Released Status to them in Teamcenter. Then, create/modify a Query in Teamcenter to search on these attributes.

5) Use the command line TDM migration utilities to migrate your chosen data from step 1 as REFERENCE data in Teamcenter by setting the appropriate TcII preference.

You can chose to migrate your entire TDM or just a subset. For a subset of TDM data, create a migration text file only listing the top level assemblies and drawings that you want to migrate per step 1. Migrating your data for REFERENCE initially will give you plenty of time to migrate the bulk of your data while not impacting your users in TDM. They can continue working in TDM as normal during this time period which may last weeks.

6) Once the desired data is in Teamcenter for REFERENCE, use your custom query to find all TDM Released data and "re"-apply a Teamcenter Released Status to them.

Teamcenter doesn't know what a TDM STATE is. You must apply an equivalent Teamcenter Status to your TDM "STATE"ed data.

7) Perform one or more "delta" migrations by repeating steps 5 and 6 up until your TDM users are ready switch to Teamcenter.

This step ensures that any new data created in TDM after your initial reference migration is migrated to Teamcenter as reference data also. Do this on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) to keep the delta migration(s) small.

8) The weekend before the switch to Teamcenter, turn off the TcII preference for migrating reference-only data and perform the command line migration again.

This will "unlock" the I-DEAS data in Teamcenter similar to importing a package file with check-out priviledges.

9) Either immediately disable TDM, or use the migration utilities and miadmin to apply IE locks for the migrated data in TDM if people will continue to use TDM.


I personally have done more than just this. I also used ETS to create JTs and CGMs of the data, and I also used package files for some of data rather the migration tools. However, these basic steps are all that is needed for a good TDM migration to Teamcenter.

I hope this article helps you have a better and less stressful TDM migration experience.

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