Seven Minutes of Terror for NASA (and DAA)

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Although this is DAA's third Mars mission with NASA and Yardney, we’ll still be on the edge of our seats while Curiosity (the Mars Science Lab) makes its landing on August 5th. 
DAA partnered with Yardney Technical on the battery development for three Mars Missions (1999 Polar Lander, 2004 Mars Rovers and the 2012 Mars Curiosity). These batteries have stellar track records lasting eight years longer than the 90-day mission spec. The latest rover, Curiosity, is powered by a nuclear reactor and lithium-ion batteries and has enough "toys" to keep scientists busy for a decade...if it survives the landing...
Why Seven Minutes of Terror?
Curiosity has an impossibly complex landing procedure. The labyrinth of landing systems includes heat shields, parachutes and a sky crane that will ultimately lower Curiosity to the Gale Crater. Due to the time delay caused by the distance from Earth to Mars, seven minutes will lapse before we know if Curiosity is happily running or has become an immovable Mars monument. For additional information on Curiosity’s landing watch the "7 Minutes of Terror" Video by NASA.


Make DAA Part of your Next Mission.
For the past 18 years DAA has been working hard to ensure our customers remain competitive by solving their difficult engineering development and efficiency problems while providing flexible capacity. In the event that you have projects that need a hand (on earth or elsewhere) we’d like to be part of your team. Please call us at 860-749-3832 or email us at
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