Why you should join us at PLM University 2013

Why you should join us at PLM University 2013


An exciting new upgrade to the 2013 conference is PLM University portion of the Management SIG.  We have grown last year’s offering by merging the very popular round table sessions to create Panel Discussions.  The panels will be made up of industry partners that have real, implemented solutions relevant to the panel topic.  So using our favorite Covey-ism - we feel this is a win-win situation for our users and our partners.

Often our users are at the yearly conference not just to check out the technical presentations and see the John Baker Show but with a problem to solve.  I have been in this position many times.  Two years ago I was tasked with creating a solution to consolidate and integrate our materials within our NX/Tc installation.  I had just escaped a horde of blurry eyed, hungry zombies leaving their sessions in search of food and drink.  Luckily, I was able to get my afternoon cup of joe and escape unscathed!  While wandering the vendor exhibits I came upon a small company called HD Solutions with a plasma screen showing a bolt on Material Library called MDS.  The video showed nearly 80% of our needs.  Fast forward 18 months and a good amount of customization and we now have a material library integrated with Teamcenter that includes the entire MIL5 Handbook. 

I’m sure many of my peers are also in similar situations.  PLM University will help our users that are looking to solve problems by giving them direct engagement with partners and other users to see and discuss actual solutions.  The panels will discuss topics like Robust Design and illustrate working solutions, not sales pitches, for the users to see and understand.  We feel this is yet another facet of the value equation of the yearly conference.

Our partners are obviously at the conference in a sales and marketing mode.  This is a good thing – the partner’s offerings are strong due in part to their capitalistic nature.  While PLM World is a user group focusing on user value the yearly Siemens PLM Connection conference is an event that focuses on the PLM ecosystem – from the Siemens team/products to the vendors to the users.  Being win-win we also want to give value to the partners as they bring a lot to the content, and the value, of the show.  How would I have found a viable solution to my material quandary had there not been a vendor exhibit? 

For our partners we feel the value statement for the PLM University is related to their ability to generate and hopefully close leads.  By showing the users actual, fully functional examples of solutions the likelihood of a user initiating a conversation and proof of concept and a purchase go up significantly.  I for one am a “show me” kind of person.  I’m not necessarily pessimistic, in fact I’m just the opposite – give me a team of smart ambitious people and I’ll conquer the world.  Muhahahaaa!   Reaching back to my example of our materials library, I was much more comfortable when I was able to see it work with real data.  Many others are in a similar situation where they want to see something before committing.  PLM University will give our partners the ability to show and draw in their prospective future customers. 

There is also another win here.  It is the entire Siemens PLM ecosystem.  More value at the yearly Siemens PLM Connection will positively impact attendance.  We ALL win with attendance – more peers to engage with, more content to geek out on, more partners showing their wares, more Siemens participation, and maybe more brownies at the afternoon break! 

Below is the schedule for the PLM University portion of the Management SIG.  The remainder of the week we will have traditional presentations from other management users. 


I hope that you can attend this year’s show.  In addition to the great content there are other fun things to do.  Our yearly golf tournament is being held at Tour 18 with replicas of the most famous holes in golf – including Amen Corner!  The Dallas Sheraton is a great venue.  The sports lounge will be a big attraction with the numerous pool tables, 2- karaoke rooms and Wii room.  If you buy me a beverage I may even knock out some Roadhouse Blues!

See you in 3 weeks! 

Remember - Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel!


David Ewing Jr.
Manager, Engineering Services
B/E Aerospace

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