Call for Nomination to Appoint Director of Finances

Call for Nomination to Appoint Director of Finances

PLM World is seeking qualified candidates for our open Director of Finances position.

Please review the information below to learn about the role of the Director of Finances, to get more information about PLM World and to nominate yourself or others for the position.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

The Director of Finances shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors.

The Director of Finances shall be the chief financial officer of the Corporation. 

The Director of Finances shall develop and maintain an overall financial strategy and liability plan for the organization, ensure that the budgets maintain alignment to this strategy, ensure that the organization and board follows all documented financial procedures and oversee activities of the Business Director regarding his/her responsibilities with finance. 

The Director of Finances shall provide and present the Chairperson and the Board periodic reports of the financial condition of the Corporation as it relates to the financial strategy.

In addition to the foregoing, the Director of Finances shall exercise the functions of the Treasurer as defined in Section 317A.305(3) of the Act


Through the end of the 2016 Annual Conference.

Time/Travel Commitment:

  • Up to 6 face to face Board meetings per year: fly in Thursday, meet all day Fri, 1/2 day Sat, fly out Sat
  • Bi-weekly 1 hour Board teleconference calls
  • One on one calls as needed with Business Director and Accounting firm
  • Attend Annual Conference
  • Sit in on standing committees as needed


  • Call for Nominations open: 9/12/14
  • Call for Nominations closed: 9/30/14
  • PLM World Nomination Committee reviews candidate nominations and if a match, will vote to appoint the Director of Finances no later than 10/31/14


The ideal candidate for PLM World Director of Finances will have:

  • Experience with non-profit organizations
  • Experience in handling $2mm organizational budgets
  • Served on a RUG board

For More information:

 Please visit PLM World to Submit your nomination.

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