Teamcenter Connection Conference Wrap Up

The Teamcenter Connection at our annual conference was a huge success. 

I was impressed by the large number of great Teamcenter presentations at this year’s conference in Las Vegas. I was also impressed by the total number of Teamcenter abstracts submitted earlier in the year. Due to the limited number of time slots and available rooms, it was a challenge to decide which abstracts to accept for presentation. I want to thank all of the presenters for taking time and effort to share their knowledge with the rest of us. Without them, there wouldn’t be an annual conference.

I also want to thank the attendees for coming out and participating because without THEM there also wouldn’t be an annual conference. I have received a lot of feedback from other attendees regarding what they liked and disliked about the conference at the Rio. Since the conference will be at the Rio again next year, we can improve upon this year’s event and make next year’s event even better.

Now that the conference is over, let’s all keep the momentum going by staying involved. I encourage everyone to get more involved in the PLM World community. There are several easy ways to participate: 

• Consider submitting one or more abstracts for next year’s conference.

• Get involved in your Local and Regional User Groups.

• Participate the PLM World Forums. Find answers to your questions or be helpful and answer other people’s questions.

• Write an article for the PLM World Quarterly Newsletter.

• Regularly check the PLM World website to see what’s going on.

• Sign up for Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Focus Groups.

• Considering running for an PLMWorld elected position.

• Volunteer your time at the next conference. Offer to host some sessions.

• Submit Enhancement Requests to Siemens PLM.

• Answer Surveys and Polls from PLM World if you receive one.

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