SC/Tetra® Version 11 Released

Software Cradle is pleased to announce the release of SC/Tetra V11, scSTREAM/Heat DesignerV11, and EOoptiV11. 

November 2013/ -- Software Cradle is excited to announce the release of new Version 11 SC/Tetra®
SC/Tetra® is the unstructured grid Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software for simulations in various industries including automotive, turbo-machinery, and other product designs.

Version 11 provides a new [Modify solid] toolbox, which enables solid shape modifications of CAD data as a standard function ofSC/Tetra® pre-processor.


Version 11 solver features a new liquid film model. This model along with the existing particle tracking function helps you simulate droplets spattering to a wall and turning into a liquid film.

The new version also offers the ever-improving visualization schemes of simulation results. One of them is the [Moving arrows] function, which helps understand three-dimensional flow patterns at a glance.

These are only a fraction of new functions and improvements from Version 11.

The new functions/improvements also include:
- New surface de-noising function, Upgraded wrapping functions
- Improved usability with a new navigation interface
- Expanded selection of unit system and sub-units
- New heat conduction panel model of laminated material
- New evaporation function of free surface (VOF) calculation
- Enhanced capabilities of density-based solver (discontinuous mesh, periodic boundary)
- New piston analysis function with improved mesh deformation
- Detailed display of analysis conditions in post-processor, Improved colorbar functions
- And more ...


Version 11 is available for download from the User support page.
The information in this news release is current as of the date of publication and is subject to change without notice.

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SC/Tetra® Version 11 Released