Partner Presentations

  • Those accepted will need to submit an electronic copy of their presentation by April 22, 2016.  Accepted abstract presentations will be included in the conference proceedings that will be available to all conference attendees.
  • Please Read the Presenter's Guidelines before Submitting your Abstract.
  • As a presenter from one of our partner companies, you will be expected to utilize a compensated pass from within your company’s specific partner package. The main contact from each partner company was given a Vendor Registration code to be used for complimentary registration.  Please contact them or Sarah Sandag with additional questions.  Additional partner passes can be purchased at a reduced rate of $945 to cover the cost of additional presenters. 

Submitted Topics Include:

Business Process Improvement

Managers and thought leaders interested in discussions focusing on improving business processes based on best practices and lessons learned from a process, tool and people perspective

  • Moving from document centric to part centric
  • Using external data for product definition (cost, quality, manufacturing, delivery of parts, etc.)
  • Metrics for a successful PMI/MBE implementation – lessons learned, what to look out for
  • Comparison and migration of UI’s – when to use what and how to migrate existing user (rich , thin, active workspace)
  • A systems approach to PLM (design, sell, and build).
  • How to sell PLM outside of CAD
  • Manufacturing work instructions with integration to BOM

User Experience

Users interested in improving the efficiency in the usage of the software tools today by learning new techniques, exploring additional software capability or attending specific training classes

  • PMI – best practices, assembly PMI, Using PMI on feature-rich parts
  • Standard Practices for Robust Modeling
  • NX Wave Best Practices
  • Weld Wizard
  • Template and part family modeling best practices
  • Reference Set – part attributes vs. reference sets
  • Active workspace for the CAD designer comparison (rich, thin, active workspace)
  • Active workspace for the change process
  • Programming (checkmate, SNAP, NX Open, etc.)

Deployment Excellence  

Issues and solutions facing IT professionals responsible for architecture, configuration, performance, and deployment of business critical systems 

  • Multi-site Roundtable
  • Standard processes for ensuring a successful Teamcenter upgrade
  • Removal of items in Teamcenter that were incorrectly entered
  • Best practices for documenting and capturing Teamcenter configuration changes
  • Workflow – best practices & improvements, mark-ups, improving user experience, troubleshooting workflows
  • Database backup strategies
  • Security strategy and best practices
  • Data Migration – tips and best practices

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