In today’s challenging economy, every company wants to achieve real-world returns for each of its investments—big or small. Companies focus even more attention to investments that deliver a bottom-line impact and ensure maximum productivity.

That’s why we prime our Siemens PLM Connection events with content you can turn into tangible business results.  The conferences focus on helping you achieve the greatest return on time spent with Siemens PLM users and company experts in sharing best practices and hands-on training to get the most out of your PLM investment.  Simply put, attending our conference will help your company both save and make money doing real-world work.

In addition to the industry’s highest percentage of user presentations at a conference, we pack over 80 hours of training classes into the event for hands-on training.  We also provide an opportunity for an extra day of “dedicated training” that extends the conference to a 4 and 5 day event so you can gain a bigger bang for your attendance buck.

Siemens PLM Connection Conference

More than just a user conference!

Siemens PLM Connection multiplies your conference returns by providing:

  • Hands-on, real-world training experiences that translates into increased productivity
  • Network with other PLM users, and Siemens PLM developers, to share PLM experiences and best practices
  • Hundreds of presentations delivered by real PLM users giving you best practices to help your organization get the most out of their PLM investment
  • Network at Ten Connections with Siemens PLM Software management, developers, and NX, Teamcenter, Tecnomatix, Velocity Series and simulation experts

See what's awaiting you at Siemens PLM Connection—Americas 2018 in Phoenix, AZ!

Regional Events

PLM World supports local groups that work hard to bring events to your local community

Sometimes its not always easy to keep up with the changing landscape of the software, or wait until the national conference to get your questions answered by other users or Siemens PLM Software. For this reason, many volunteers across the US have pulled together local groups to help you get information. Please visit the Regional Group listing under the Communities section of our website for more information.

Check out the full list of upcoming RUG events!

Other events throughout the year

Why stop at just face to face meetings?

Many other events happen throughout the year that we want you to be aware of.

  • SIG teleconferences happen periodically throughout the year to keep the comunity in touch with each other.
  • Round Tables have become the newest popular activity with our members. Keep and eye on this website for listing of summer/fall sessions soon to be announced.
  • Other webinars are hosted by PLM World and/or Siemens on various topics. Keep checking back here to see what is being scheduled for the near future.