Group Discounts

Conference Badge Group Rate: $1,125.00 per attendee (before 4/1)
Though there is no deadline for group registrations, the registration rate will increase on April 1. On April 1, the registration rate will be $1,325. Register early and SAVE!

A discounted rate is available for companies sending 9 or more employees.
The discount is only valid if:
• All group attendees are staying at a Conference Hotel.
• Registering for 4-day conference badge (Presenter and RUG types not included)
• All attendees in group must work for the same corporation.
• All attendees are PLM World Members

*Note: All attendees submitted for the Group Discount must be PLM World members. To check for membership please log into PLM World and search here: To request your free membership please visit:

Please fill out the group request form to register your company for the group discount.

*If you do not see the form, please manually fill out the questions below and send your response to

Once a completed form is received by PLM World, we will verify that all users are current PLM World members. Once verified by PLM World, the group discount will then show up as a registration choice for those users listed. * Please inform your users, if the Group Registration Type and discount does not show up during registration, for them not to register, please contact to ensure those users have been added.

*If you have problems with the form, please manually fill out these questions and send your response to
Company Name:
Main Contact Name:
City, State, Zip Code:
I understand that in order to receive the group company discount, my company will need to have 9 people registered before May 1, 2017. If 9 employees are not registered, I understand each employee will then be responsible for the regular registration rate, and will need to pay the remaining price difference before attending the conference. __Agree (Please state you agree.)