The Unigraphics Virtual Museum.

Welcome! You have just entered the "Lobby" of our virtual museum.  Here you will learn about the history of Unigraphics and the people who developed it.  If you are not familiar with Unigraphics but would like to learn more, please select here.

Note that this is a virtual museum, however we have set it up just like a real museum with several "Galleries" just off from the main "Lobby".  Each "Gallery" is dedicated to a different aspect of Unigraphics.  Some of these will review the history through the decades while others will be reserved for various specialized topics.  As you visit each "Gallery" you will find information and many "artifacts" donated by various friends of the museum.  At times you will notice that some of these "artifacts" are from other products which may have had either a direct or perhaps an indirect impact on the evolution of Unigraphics.  These are included here both for their historical value and because without them, it may be difficult for many of you to understand the real history of Unigraphics.

Now we invite you to browse through the various "Galleries" and we hope that you will find the experience both entertaining and perhaps even enlightening.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the museum curator.

Thanks go out to John Baker from SPLM for much of this content.

The Galleries of the Era's.



Though we have had historical record of Unigraphics on our site for many years, we had never had the same available for SDRC and Ideas. That all changed recently when we were contacted by Eckardt Niederauer from Siemens in Germany. Eckardt was gracious enough to share with us a document that he created giving us the history we had been missing.


Thanks go out to Eckardt for this content.