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Based upon your feedback, the user Roundtables will be expanding this year!  Two back-to-back tracks, each with several roundtables, will run after lunch on Thursday finishing up by 5 pm.

Users will be able to decide if they want to take part in the Roundtable as a participant or as an observer.  Signup for the roundtables will be encouraged for those participating, but seating will not be limited.  SPLM personnel will be invited by invitation only as participants but may sit in the sessions as observers.

The intent of the roundtables is for users to interact with each other and provide an optimal networking opportunity based on a number of specific topics. Representation from SPLM and the user community will be selected to coordinate this session. The session will be led by the user, and SPLM representation will interact as needed, but the goal is to have the SPLM folks listen as the user community engages in the discussion. The intent would be to capture best practices coming out of the discussion; to potentially take this to a year-round discussion with interested parties, and to publish some of the results of the discussion. During the discussion, one volunteer will be selected to take notes.

If you are interested in hosting a Roundtable session or have topics for discussion, please email Past Chairperson, Jon Jarrett.





Current Roundtable Discussion Topics

Thursday 1:00pm - 3:25pm

Thursday 3:25pm - 5:20pm