PLM World follows a strategic plan focusing on communication in both user-to-user as well as user-to-Siemens PLM Software channels. For user-to-user interaction, the organization offers an active citizenship that communicates at annual conferences, in regional users groups as well as on-line through the PLM World website.

Through networking, these users share best practices and techniques for implementing and using the software more effectively.

For user-to-Siemens PLM Software interaction, PLM World manages a Customer Involvement Process, which allows the user community to play a key role in the future development of Siemens products.

Through Enhancement Request voting and discussion during special sessions at our annual conferences, users directly affect product direction. In addition, new programs are continuously being designed to increase the value of the Voice of the User.

The Members of PLM World will participate in Siemens’ Early Involvement Process to outline members’ technical requirements in the next software release.

Members of PLM World represent a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive/transportation, machinery, high tech, Consumer products, Healthcare/Medical, and many more.

Employees of licensed Siemens customers are eligible to join PLM World. Membership is in the name of the individual member, and all correspondence is addressed to the individual directly.

There is no cost to join. Visit to sign up.