Abstract Submission


Abstract submission is now closed. If you would like to present at this meeting please contact the RUG leader at


Please note: Partners should ONLY submit to the partner track.

1. Why would I want to do a presentation?

First, you’ll contribute to the mission of the group, which is to provide support to users of Siemens PLM products. It would be an excellent addition your professional credentials, demonstrating a level of achievement and expertise. Finally, there is no better way to know a topic than to teach it. 

2. Do I have to be an expert?

No. You should be in command of your particular topic, but you are only presented as a working user, just like the other attendees. You are not competing with anyone. 

3. Do I have to have a unique topic?

Just the opposite. Presentations that stick to one topic tend to be more useful and understandable. People appreciate seeing how to do basic things, step by step: things they can do the next day back in the office. That’s why the “for Dummies” books are so popular. 

4. What do I need to do?

Decide on a topic. Submit an abstract that gives us a general idea of what you’ll cover. You can download a PowerPoint template to use. Prepare and practice a presentation that will last the alotted time. Bring your presentation on a jump drive. 

5. Are there any rules?

No sales pitches are allowed—this is an informational event.