Special Interest & Focus Groups

PLM World Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are broken down by Siemens PLM Software product, and the subtopics within each one of them. Each group focuses on its unique area of the product line, and is meant to bring together the users in these sub-communities who share the common interests. Each SIG is organized by a volunteer from the community, known as the SIG Leader, who works in close contact with his/her Siemens PLM Software counterpart.

Focus Groups are new areas of software or overall community interest that are not yet big enough to be a SIG. Its function is to begin formulating a community, who would work together to likely grow it into a SIG eventually.

Special Interest and Focus Groups

See the list below to view our current Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Focus Groups. Click the "More Information" button to get additional details and contact information. Members of PLM World can click the name of any SIG or Focus Group to start participating with them today!