PLM World Technical Teams

To provide a means for members of PLM World and Siemens PLM to collaborate on either tactical or strategic topics affecting the current and future usage of PLM software tools, the concept of a Working Groups and Strategic Innovation Teams have been established. 

Working Groups are short term technical and detail oriented groups created to address specific issues with Siemens PLM Software tools. The objectives, deliverables, and timeframes are up to each potential group to define prior to forming the group. When a Working Group has fulfilled its objectives, it disbands or may be relaunched under a new set of objectives, deliverables, and timeframe. 

Strategic Innovation Teams are thought provoking, idea nurturing groups looking at evolving technologies and applications related to PLM. They are considered high level visionary discussion groups focused on the strategic direction of Siemens PLM Software. 

Current Working Groups

Current SITs

Launching a Working Group or SIT

Any PLM World member in coordination with a Siemens PLM counterpart and other potential group members may form a Working Group or SIT pursuant to the prerequisites and requirements stated below by completing an application and getting approval of the PLM World Technical Committee overseeing these groups. 

An application form/template has been created to assist in this process.  Download the application form/template.

Application submissions and questions regarding Working Groups & SITs may be directed to the PLM World Technical Operations Director.

Working Group & SIT Requirements

All Working Groups must meet certain prerequisites and minimum requirements.  These are:

  1. Reason(s) for forming the group.
  2. Clearly defined objectives.
  3. An estimated timeframe.
  4. Deliverables in the form of recurring meetings in pursuit of achieving stated objectives, periodic project updates to the user community, and publishable outcomes, results, or conclusions for consumption by the user community.
  5. Group leadership in the form of two group leaders: one from the PLM World user community and one from Siemens PLM Software.
  6. A list of active participants and their roles/activities within the group.